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Online Training

Plans for total body strength training. Sign up and start today!

 “Result-based training that provides energy, coaching, and programming for all fitness levels”


     25$ per month

  • Access to our monthly programming Facebook Group
  • Total body strength training programs (3-4 days per week)
  • Daily Motivation, Tips and Communication
  • Mini Workouts (15-30-minute)
  • 2 Live Workouts
  • Online Coaching
  • DUBFIT does not include in person training*
You can call us for more information


Want to build a better physique, get stronger, move better, and live better? Have only minimal equipment? We offer programming for at home or gym workouts, via online! Our monthly programming features a hybrid style of training that focuses on building strength through compound and isolative movements, with an infusion of mobility enhancing and conditioning exercises.

Facebook Dubfit Group

Joining our monthly subscription Facebook Group, members will gain access to each phase of our total body strength training programs (3-4 days per week), mini workouts that have 15-30-minute completion times, & 2 live workouts. Daily motivation, tips, communication and coaching will be included, along with the training.

Customized Program

Need something more personal? We offer custom programming to whatever your goals are, and the equipment you currently have access to!

Meet Your Coach

Brandon Walters is an accolated scholar from Marshall University with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Exercise Science. He is an experienced strength training coach/trainer, who has spent his career working with clients reach their goals. Whether that being to train for a specific sport of bodybuilding or powerlifting, or just based on getting stronger, moving better, and looking better. Bringing 20 + experience to the table, Brandon will be able to help attack your goals, and put you
in the best circumstances for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract commitment when you sign up to the monthly online group?

No! Our monthly is set up to auto draft each month but can be cancelled at any

What is the difference between the mini workouts and the programs, other than time?

The mini workouts are to be supplemented with the program, for conditioning and extra work, or if you are pressed for time.

If I plan to work out with minimal equipment from home and want to work out 7 days
per week, how would I go about that using the Dubfit group?

Add in our other workouts along with the main program (i.e. Peaches & Lean, Short & Sweaty, EMOM) on the other days.

When would you refer someone to the custom plan, over the standard Dubfit group?

Custom plans are recommended for individuals that require more individual coaching, have more specific goals, have access to a full gym, etc.

What does a live workout look like?

They are performed in the Gym’s Performance Center Facility with a small group, with a live feed access from the Facebook group page. There will also be provided a secondary workout for those that are training with minimal equipment at their home.

How personal is the coaching?

All members will have direct access to coaching through Facebook messenger. All questions regarding training, goal setting, and nutrition are topics to be answered. The custom plan group will have direct access to the coach 24/7.


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