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Become the best version of yourself

Unfortunately, many of us want to track the progress on our fitness journey, but have to resort to how our clothes fit, or a scale alone. With our Fit3D scanner, you can accurately track your progress with a BSR rating, Body Composition test, BMR rating, Postural Analysis, and circumference measurements.

BSR, the acronym for Body Shape Rating, is a number from 1-100 describing your risk to potential cardiovascular disease. Body Composition is composed of a client’s body fat percentage, lean mass, and fat mass. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the amount of calories the body needs to function at a resting state. If that isn’t enough statistics about a person, the postural analysis will state the percentage amount of pressure you place on each side of your body, along with how a client naturally stands. Lastly, each scan will offer circumference measurements from the neck to the ankles.

The Fit3D scanner was modeled after the DEXA scan, but with the use of 3 cameras that are placed along a tower. As the tower takes hundreds of pictures, the platform that the client is standing on, will rotate. This way, the individual will receive a 3D avatar of their body, along with all the measurements and ratings. To top off, Fit3D has an app for smartphones to access at anytime, and compare current and past results.

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