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Our Story

Chris Cole, Business Manager, Coach – Brandon Walters, Owner, Head Coach

There is nothing quite like walking into a gym for the first time—or the first time in a long time—and getting that overwhelming “I don’t belong here” feeling. This perception often pushes people away from the gym, and more importantly, away from living a more satisfying and healthy lifestyle. At Bstrong24, we strive to provide personalized, strategic, and caring practices to accelerate and prioritize a fitness program that works for you. When you walk into Bstrong24, you will think, “I do belong here.”

In business since March 2017, Bstrong24 has long offered personal training and an impressive collection of equipment. Before Brandon Walters took the reigns of Bstrong24 he was drawing his dream gym for almost 20 years and completing a BA and MA in Exercise Science. Since then, Brandon has helped Bstrong24 become more than just a 24hour gym—but an asset to the community of Charleston, West Virginia. Coming from the YMCA, Walters has heavy experience in working with the people of this city and has learned what is most important to those both residing and visiting here. At Bstrong24, you are not merely a customer, but a member of our fitness family, and in this family, we know that success is contagious. This is why we focus on our individually tailored programs, so that you, too, can be the best version of yourself.

With group fitness classes, Silver Sneakers, Healthways Prime, and countless personalization options, Bstrong24 will not only be your home away from home, but your ticket to youthfulness, wellness, and happiness. We want to join you on your journey to both mental and physical well-being, and to help you work towards physical independence while instilling faith in our community. With a constant influx of unique members every month, our family is growing fast—and we are so excited for you to join us and progress on your own path to your best self. Come see us today!